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HR4SMEs provides cost effective HR solutions to help manage your employees more effectively by developing emotionally intelligent leaders that build high performing teams..... it's as easy as 1, 2, 3.... define your strategy, align your people, manage your performance.

1.Strategy........ People........ Performance 

StrategyAction_Icon_Med.jpgAre your actions today taking you closer to, or farther from your long term objectives?

Before you can start to manage your people effectively, you need to know where your business is heading, and most importantly why? HR4SMEs will help you review your business strategy using simplistic tools that are easy to understand. The Genos Organisational Effectiveness and Engagement Survey will give you key insights into what needs to be done to improve performance, identify the key risk areas to your business and how engaged and committed your people are.

WOL1.jpgCrafting strategy is critical to business success.... Discover how Vision, Alignment and Execution will change the way you lead. The Work of Leaders distills leadership best practice into a simple compelling process that gets results.

Strategy........ 2.People........ Performance

STARWorkplaceReport.pngAre your people aligned to the strategy of the business?

At HR4SMEs - best practice is everything!!! Do you have efficient HRSystems and Processes in place? Do you have a safe and healthy workplace? Do your staff have clearly defined roles and responsiblities? Is their contribution measured using key performance indicators that are linked to the strategy of the business? Are they rewarded for their success? STAR Workplace provides the necessary data to ensure that people in your business are managed using an efficient HR function. It also recognises organisations that are committed to creating high performing and engaged workplaces. 

Strategy........ People........ 3.Performance

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How effective are you at managing performance?

Leadership is fundamentally about facilitating performance. Research has proven that a leader’s emotional intelligence is key to facilitating emotions in others that drives high performance and employee engagement. By understanding different personality styles and how our emotions impact decisions, behaviour and performance of ourselves and others, emotionally intelligent leaders inspire performance in the workplace and produce exceptional results. Improve the effectiveness of your managers, teams and individuals by identifying different personality styles with Everything DiSC. Develop Emotionally Intelligent leaders to drive high performance, competitive advantage, employee engagement and customer loyalty by putting your leaders through the IGNITE Emotional Intelligence Enhancement Program.

"The most important decisions an executive makes are decisions about people, because those decisions will ultimately determine the performance capacity of the organisation." - Peter Drucker


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