Can you afford for your people to leave

Can you afford for your Key People to leave?

Very often the first time a business may recognise that an employee is unhappy is when they resign!

HR4SMEs enables you to head them off at the pass! With a fraction of the cost of recruiting a new employee, we will provide solutions to:

  1. Uncovering problems
  2. Get you on the right track
  3. Guide you to create a better workplace

Whether you are having trouble finding and recruiting, retaining and motivating, struggling with Generation Y or keeping compliant, we will guide you.

Proven Track Record!

Having helped hundreds of businesses and busy HR Departments since 2003, HR Coach Network members have helped organisations deal with their growing employee issues.

As a certified HR Coach, we have been carefully selected and throughly trained in the HR Coach business methodologies. Together with consulting tools and exclusive software, we are supported by a National Network of other experts to give you the best assistance possible.

Investing in the Future

As a member of the HR Coach Network we conduct ongoing research to assist businesses for the future. Contact us today to learn more about participating in our HR Innovation Centre.

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