Why do we do what we do?

HR.jpgHR4SMEs was founded on two key beliefs.... firstly that SMEs should have the same opportunity to access state of the art HR tools and services as large corporations - but without the extortionate price tag. Most SMEs struggle to find the time to manage their HR and tend to focus on the transactional aspects of HR, e.g. payroll, record keeping. HR4SMEs provides solutions that reduce the burden of managing people by implementing a framework of HR that transforms the business and the people within it.

Secondly, HR4SMEs believes that everyone in an organisation should be managed fairly and have an equal opportunity to succeed in their chosen career. From the receptionist to the CEO, everybody contributes to the success of a business and deserves to be managed equitably – regardless of what role they perform. By becoming a STAR Workplace your business will develop an HR plan that links your people to the strategy of the business, creating a productive and engaged workforce.

At HR4SMEs we understand the many challenges that SMEs face - a key one being the recruitment, retention and e7P's.jpgngagement of staff. Theoretically there are 7 P's of Services Marketing - at HR4SMEs we focus on the 7th P........ your most important asset PEOPLE. It is through people that SMEs can create a competitive advantage in their market and stand out from the crowd. 

HR4SMEs recognises the importance of investing in your people. Our aim is to work with businesses that see Human Resource Management as a long term investment - not just a quick fix.  To that end, HR4SMEs provides you with a range of tools, methodologies and services to help manage your staff more efficiently and effectively and thus improve performance.

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