Everything DiSC is DIFFERENT....

You might think that DiSC is just DiSC. But it’s not. There are a number of DiSC profiles out in the marketplace.

So what makes Everything DiSC different?

We can 100% guarantee the validity and reliability of the profiles. This is backed up with a comprehensive research report, which can be provided to anyone who would like to read it. Not one of the DiSC profiles is ever released without research to back its validity.

More accurate
The questionnaire used to take the Everything DiSC profiles uses adaptive testing. With Adaptive Testing (AT), a respondents’ answers determine the next questions they're given. With this technology, a person’s Everything DiSC profile is 32% more accurate than a traditional DiSC Classic profile.

Easier to read
The Everything DiSC profiles use a true circumplex model to pinpoint your DiSC style. It’s far more simple and intuitive to understand. The traditional way of representing DiSC was in a line graph using the DiSC Classic profiles. NOW we have a dot representing a person’s DiSC style on the DiSC map.

Application-based profiles
Everything DiSC profiles are designed to be easily applied. That’s why they come in five different profile applications – management, sales, leadership, 360 and workplace communication. By using application-based profiles, organisations can help participants see the immediate relevance of DiSC to their field or profession.

Highly versatile
A DiSC profile isn’t black and white. With the Everything DiSC suite, the products are extremely versatile. Each Everything DiSC profile is compatible with the next meaning participants’ results can be shown across different applications without retaking the questionnaire. Profiles can be printed in sections to allow control over how much information participants receive at any one time.

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