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Genos emotional intelligence assessments measure the emotionally intelligent workplace behaviours that underlie success. They are supported by a wealth of peer-reviewed research and are accompanied by beautiful reports containing practical development suggestions.

Genos 360° Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Feedback Report

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This assessment has been designed for middle to senior leadership development. Full 360° assessment providing feedback from Self, Manager, Peer, Direct Report on how you display the competencies of Emotional Intelligence in a Leadership Role. The ‘traffic light’ methodology helps leaders quickly identify gaps between how important and how well they demonstrate emotionally intelligent workplace behaviours. Development tips provided for each competency and item in the assessment.

Genos 180° Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Feedback Report


This assessment is designed for front-line to supervisor development. Being a 180° assessment makes this product perfect for use in development workshops, conferences and other group development mediums. Development tips for each competency and item in the assessment.

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