Star_Workplace_Horz.jpgSTAR Workplace is a business improvement program that helps you measure your staff and employer engagement and set priorities and action plans for organisations. Employee surveys are just not good enough. You need to know the whole story. Workplaces are not all the same. STAR Workplace recognises the unique dynamics that different employees bring to their business and enables you and your team to assess your own workplace.

What is important is your satisfaction with your business and the satisfaction of the people working with you. That's what makes your business a STAR! Click here to find out more.

Healthcheck.pngDo you know how your business is performing? Is your businesses activity aligned with your strategy? Are you achieving what you are expecting to achieve? Finance, Marketing, Customer Service, Processes, People and Corporate Social Responsibility...... How do you rate against other peak performers. Click here to find out more about the HR4SMEs Business Health Check.


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