Career Monitor

careermonitor.pngThe Career Monitor is an in depth process used to interview your employees, exclusive to Certified HR Coach Network Members. It asks a series of open questions and ratings of the business and of themselves.

Highly impactful, insightful and practical, it is designed from research on 10,000 employees in businesses from the last five years. Tailored to fit any business, it provides and individual report as a risk and opportunity analysis for each individual employees circumstance. It provides specific information to help gain a clear understanding on what is impacting the employee at both job and organisational level.

Why use Career Monitor?

  • it provides clear guidelines on how to retain each individual employee
  • it assists employees to own how they can contribute to the business
  • it provides a detailed report with measurements and priorities to work on
  • it provides a total individula risk rating
  • results can be collated to provide a total organisational risk rating

Want to find out more about Career Monitor.....

For background information on the development of this exlcusive program, see the White Paper "The Business Case for Retention."

To arrange a meeting to discuss how to implement Career Monitor in your business email HR4SMEs here.

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