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Employee Engagement is, by definition, an individual’s emotional and intellectual commitment to their work and the organization. Drawing from a wealth of science on Employee Engagement, we measure this level of commitment by examining the extent to which employees undertake four value-creating engagement behaviours, which form the basis of our 4-P engagement model: Praise, Persist, Perform, Perfect.

Extensive academic and corporate funded research has shown a strong link between these behaviours and organisational performance. The Genos Model of Engagement looks at the extent to which employees:


Praise the organisation to others  
Perform above what is expected of them

Persist in the face of difficulties and are not likely to leave if approached

Perfect or continuously seek to improve what they do

Our customisable Organisational Effectiveness Survey will also measure employees’ opinions about the effectiveness of organisational factors critical to executing your strategy in the market conditions you face. Genos's Employee Engagement Assessment contains examples of the engagement and organisational effectiveness questions that can be assessed.

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