Become a STAR Workplace and stand out from the crowd!

If you employ staff, like it or not, you are in the People Business.  Like in all areas of business- if you don’t measure, then you can’t manage.  Effective people management is no different. That's where STAR Workplace can help.

STARWorkplaceReport.pngSTAR Workplace is a business improvement program that helps you measure your staff and employer engagement and set priorities and action plans for organisations. Employee surveys are just not good enough. You need to know the whole story.

Based on research conducted by the HR Coach Research Institute, STAR Workplace is a key measure of an organisation's ability to create Strategic Action in their business. It also highlights organisations that are committed to attracting, retaining and developing high quality staff.

STAR Workplace was specifically designed for SMEs to provide intelligence to build their HR capabilities. It recognises organisations that are committed to creating high performing and engaged workplaces. It benchmarks and measures:

HR Framework_2_150dpi.jpgStrategy effectiveness

Team satisfaction

Actions to retain employees

Results of team performance

Through STAR Workplace, HR4SMEs helps you stand out from the crowd by helping you design an HR Plan based on the balance Human Resource Framework, which shows your team, future employees and your clients that your business values its people.

Any organisation, any size, can become a STAR Workplace

  • First we get your feedback so we can see what you want from your business and the impact it is having on you.
  • Second we get feedback from your people about the business. No blame or guilt just facts and figures so you can see the impact your employee engagement and satisfaction levels have on your business.
  • Third we have all the information to create a practical 12 month plan based on the HR Framework below. A road map for you to follow, month by month, putting you back on track.
To learn more about how STAR Workplace can assist your organisation call HR4SMEs on 0418 144012 or click here to email

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