The Emotionally Intelligent Leader: The Missing Ingredient for Leadership Success

About the book
When a business executive who has investigated and implemented numerous initiatives to improve company performance isn’t getting the results he wants, he tries something different. He remembers reading an article about a leader—Andrew Miles—who credited his success to emotional intelligence. This intelligence, the article said, helped him engage his workforce and produce exceptional results.

It doesn’t take the executive long to arrange a meeting with Miles, who tells him that business leaders must rely on physical, mental, and emotional effort—with emotional effort being how we manage our emotions to ensure we deliver high-quality results more frequently.

To cultivate emotional intelligence, Miles says, a leader must focus on six distinct competencies: emotional self-awareness, emotional awareness of others, authenticity, emotional reasoning, emotional self-management, and inspiring performance. Miles explains that emotional intelligence underlies our self-awareness, empathy, leadership, and resilience, which are all skills fundamental to our success.

Join a business executive as he seeks to understand his emotions, change how he relates to others, and improve the people around him by learning from The Emotionally Intelligent Leader.

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